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at the Eyelash Extension Academy
We will train you to become an Eyelash Extension Artist
and own a profitable independent beauty business.
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About Us

Since 2009

The Owner

Megan Malkasian is the owner of the Eyelash Extension Academy, LLC.  She has been practicing in the community for over 10 years as a Wisconsin State-Licensed Aesthetician.  She is also a Wisconsin State-Licensed Aesthetics Instructor, and has been trained and certified as an Eyelash Extension Artist.

She is a Certified Microdermabrasion Practitioner, a Reiki Practitioner, and a former Medical Spa owner.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to inspire and empower individuals to take on their lives by creating their own independent business in the established and growing industry of personal care.  We do this by providing comprehensive, professional education and training in the Eyelash Extension practice.

We also offer start-up business coaching to help individuals establish an operating company in the State of Wisconsin and help them handle all of the actions necessary to set up an operating practice, including creating a Limited Liability Company (LLC), and providing legal, tax, and marketing references.

Our Vision

The Vision of the Eyelash Extension Academy is to become the premier provider of eyelash extension artist training services in the personal care industry.

We also aspire to be a comprehensive provider of start-up business assistance, with a focus on affected populations that include single parents, economically disadvantaged individuals, and others with special challenges.

Every great dream begins with a dreamer.
– Harriet Tubman

We Make
Dreams Happen


Become a Certified Eyelash Extension Artist

Learn a profession to build a new business or expand an existing one

Are You Ready to Quit Your 9-to-5 Job?

Why not do something you love, be your own boss, and work for yourself?  You can.

Professionally-done eyelash extensions are fast becoming a nationwide trend.

Download our report to read about trends, income possibilities, and market projections.

How We Help

  • We will train you to become a professional, certified eyelash extension artist.
  • We can coach you on starting your own business if that’s the route you want.

Training styles…

  • Group.  Participate in training with 4-10 other people.
  • Duo.  Two people in training together.
  • Individual.  Focused and personalized training.

Technical programs…

  • Classic 1.  Single-lash placement with an emphasis on all the basics.
  • Classic 2.  Advanced design and dealing with special situations you will encounter.
  • Euro-Volume.  Fan-style volume lash application.  Requires single-lash proficiency.
  • Business.  Incorporation, legal, insurance, accounting, marketing, and more.
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Learn. Build. Grow.

Welcome from owner Megan Malkasian

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