Become A Lash Extension Artist

We offer two levels of Classic Lash Extension training and a business development class.


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The Training Imperative

Can you learn to do this without professional training?  Certainly you can, but it will be mostly trial and error, copying YouTube techniques that may not offer the best outcomes, and it will most certainly take longer; perhaps much longer.  Worse yet, you could cause harm or injury to someone else and lose everything that you’ve worked for.

At the Eyelash Extension Academy, it is our imperative that you learn proper techniques, and that you learn to do so safely, efficiently, and professionally.  Not only that, we’ll show you how to legally protect yourself in your practice.  And your greatest asset will be the confidence bestowed on you by clients, setting you up for years of productive, income-generating business.

For each area of training, we have identified specific practices, techniques, and abilities that will have you being successful.  We thoroughly cover these important points in class, and offer students the opportunity to discuss and ask questions on each point.

Don’t guess at your future.  Get trained by a licensed professional who will set you up for the success that you deserve.

Classic 1

Safety and Sanitation

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A critical aspect of your public-facing business is safety and sanitation practices.  We teach you the 5 most important safety precautions that you should implement, and the 6 most important sanitation practices.  Don’t put your business at risk; we will teach you how to do it right.

Lashing Room Setup

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Setting up your lashing room properly is essential to creating a wonderful, relaxing environment for your clients.  We will teach you the 5 things that you must do to create that perfect environment that clients love coming back to.  Repeat business is key to your success.

Lash Extension Adhesives

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Adhesives are the key to a successful lashing experience.  We will discuss the attributes of adhesives and the importance of using one that is specifically intended for the purpose.  We explore the 5 things that are essential when using a lashing adhesive and how to do so safely and professionally.

Eyelash Extension Types

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What is the perfect eyelash extension for your client?  How much curl should it have?  How long does it need to be?  How does lash diameter affect placement, and how do you design a lashing pattern / strategy that is unique to each client?  We will answer these questions and show you the 3 steps necessary to create personalized designs that make every client beam with pride.

Taping and Eye Pads

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Thorough and precisely-placed prep work in the form of eye pads and tape positioning will ensure a smooth and hassle-free session for both you and your client.  We will show you the 2 essential eye pad techniques and the 3 critical taping moves that you must do to set yourself up for success.


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Client consultation is vital to a successful session.  We teach you the 3 intake questions to ask each client to help you thoroughly understand exactly what your client wants to achieve and what experiences he or she would like to have, and the 2 follow-on questions to ask at the start of a fills session to get the best possible customer experience.

Tweezers and Hands

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Tweezers are the chief tool that you will use in your business.  We show you how to select and purchase tweezers, and then how they are used in your practice.  We will also demonstrate the 3 precise hand positions that provide the most control and exacting placements for attaching the lashes.

Isolation and Separation

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Separating the client’s own eyelashes is critical for allowing the process of shedding that occurs naturally.  When lashes are clumped or stuck they don’t shed properly and can cause eye irritation or an unsightly appearance.  We will show you the 2 steps to properly separate and isolate the natural lashes to prevent this from happening.

Classic Application

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Of course, the whole premise of eyelash extensions is the application of the faux lashes onto your client’s natural lashes.  After all the room prep and client prep, setting the lashes properly is the whole reason that you have clients.  We show you the subtle techniques that will set you on the path to rapidly learn the practice.

Lash Extension Removal

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From time to time, clients will want to have their lash extensions removed.  They may be interested in a new look, or want to have a clean slate before new extensions are applied.  Whatever the reason, the best removals are done by pros (you), so you need to learn this delicate and important technique.  We will show you the 4 steps necessary to effectively remove extensions, whether you put them on or not.

Pre- and Post-Care

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Good preparation before applying lash extensions as well as proper care after application is essential to creating satisfied clients.  We show you the 3 things to have your clients do before they arrive and the 3 things to do after they leave.  Creating repeat business is the key to your growth.

Allergies and Irritations

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While rare, some clients can experience minor irritation to the extension treatment or, in more harsh cases, they may have an allergic reaction.  we will show you the 2 potential irritants and what to say to a client that is experiencing irritation or an allergic reaction.

Classic 2

Eyelash Extension Design

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Beautiful and lasting design and styles are based on eye shape and the preferences of the client.  Your client looks to you for advice on this topic, so be prepared with our 4-step process to analyzing eye shape and face contours to arrive at the best design.

Pricing Your Services

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Pricing can be a tricky topic.  If you charge too much, you won’t have the volume of customers that you need to be successful.  If you charge too little, you run the risk of not being taken seriously and leaving a lot of money on the table.  We explain the 4 factors that you should use to set prices.

Retail Add-Ons

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You can enhance your business by offering add-on retail products in your salon.  But which products?  Obviously, related products are high on this list, but we will visit 6 other products that are great sellers in your salon that you would never have imagined.

Speed, Accuracy, and Efficiency

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It should be obvious that greater speed means less time with each client and more clients in a day.  We will show you how to gain speed while increasing your accuracy and efficiency.  This is one of those “hidden” tricks to support and grow your business.

Advanced Taping

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There’s more than one way to position your tape and eyepads on the client, and we’re going to show you 3 advanced practices that will simplify your lash-setting, make the process move along faster and, ultimately, make your client happier.

Eyelash Growth Cycle

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When you set false eyelash strands, you are attaching them to real human eyelashes.  These real eyelashes have a growth and shedding cycle that you need to be aware of so that you can properly place the lashes in the first place, and also counsel your client on scheduling future fills.  You will learn about the 3 phases of eyelash growth, how long each phase takes, and how to set lashes that look beautiful longer.

Advanced Fills

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You’ve learned about fills in the Classic 1 course, and now it’s time to take a closer look.  How can you predict a fills cycle?  What techniques do we apply for doing fills that are different from the original lash setting?  You will learn the 4 techniques that will make all the difference in setting fills that you would have never considered.


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Eyelash extension adhesives are the most critical factor in determining your lashing success.  These materials adhere the false eyelash to the natural lash, and must do so safely, quickly, and with the greatest holding power.  These 3 factors play off each other and are affected by the chemistry and sensitivities of your client.  You will learn how to test for allergies and irritations, how to identify the natural lash abilities to hold the adhesive, and how to set lashes that will hold properly.

Pre-Booking Strategies

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Once lashes have been set, you will want to discuss the fills schedule with your client.  We will teach you the 2 factors to use in setting a fills cycle with each client, and setting their expectation for what’s to happen in between appointments.&nbsp Setting fills is a powerful way to maintain your clientele over the years.

Purchasing Supplies

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Which eyelashes work the best?  Where can I purchase the range of adhesives that I need?  Where do I get my lashing tools?  What about general lashing supplies?  How do I shop for the highest value at the lowest price?  We will help you through this process, show you how to evaluate the price-quality balance, and offer recommendations for reputable and dependable suppliers for your business.

Training Manual

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Every course that you take at the Eyelash Extension Academy includes a full training manual for your reference.  The manual for this advanced course is set up as a handy reference guide to help you navigate those rarely-encountered situations and one-off issues that will arise.  We include tons of reference information that will have your business operating smoothly and efficiently.

Client Health History

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Both for your practice and for your protection, you need to maintain a solid health history of every client that you see at your practice.  What things do you need to record?  How do you analyze and use that data?  How do your protect that data in light of Federal HIPPA standards?  We show you all of this and provide you forms that you will need.


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Make no mistake, problems will arise.  Problems that can be fixed easily, problems that require your immediate attention, and problems that you will fix through fills or even full removal.  We show you the 4 most prevalent problems that you will encounter and how to deal with each one for your client’s satisfaction.

Live Model Practice

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Again, under the watchful eye of your instructor, you will practice some of these advanced techniques on a live model in the classroom setting.  Practice sets you up for continued growth in your business and creating a world of satisfied clients.

Your Lash Business

Wisconsin Incorporation

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Incorporating your business in Wisconsin is straightforward; however, there are several things to consider when doing so, and we will explain the 5 things that will help you make that determination.  At this time, we’re not offering guidance for other states.

Creating Your Charter

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What is a corporate charter and what needs to be in it?  We will show you the 6 most important steps for creating your corporation charter and what key articles need to be present.  We will give you sources for obtaining your corporate books and embossing seal, and explain the necessary steps for maintaining your business in good standing.

IRS FEIN Registration

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After incorporating in the State of Wisconsin, you need to register your business with the U.S. Federal Government for taxation purposes.  We will show you how to obtain your Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN), and explain the 6 different models of corporate structure that you can select from.

Legal Considerations

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You can lose everything you’ve worked for along with all your personal property like your house, you car, and much more without adequate legal protection.  We will explain the basics of legal protections and make recommendations for local attorneys who are experienced with small service businesses.  Please note that we will not be offering legal advice of any kind, and encourage you to secure the services of qualified legal counsel.

Insurance Considerations

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Every business needs insurance, especially public-facing businesses, and even more especially, businesses that involve the personal health and well-being of individuals.  We will discuss the types of insurance that you may need, depending on how you plan to operate, and we’ll provide references for qualified professional insurance brokers that offer the kind of coverage that you will need.

Lashing Room Safety

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We talk about safety and sanitation in every class that we offer.  In this class, we dive deep on the 3 things that you should be doing to ensure safety and sanitation in your practice, and how it relates to legal protection, waivers, and disclosures, and the insurance necessary to protect you and your client.

Tax and Accounting

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Of the things certain in your business, taxation is one of them.  You will be paying your share of the burden to operate out government, and it is important that this be done properly.  While you want to be a good citizen, the laws of the government are such to encourage businesses to be productive and profitable.  We’ll talk about accounting and provide references for qualified small-business accounting firms.  We will not be offering any tax advice and will encourage you to seek professional counsel.

Acquiring Space

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Finding a good space to practice your craft is essential in this line of work.  We will discuss the 5 things you should look for in a practice space, and offer guidance on how to secure that space for the best possible price.  We’ll talk about location, amenities, and desirability.  All told, we will discuss 4 things to consider before opening your doors.

Mission and Vision

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You will make decisions about your business every single day.  How do you stay inside the guideposts of what it is you set out to do, especially when there are so many things to distract the entrepreneur from their goals?  You create mission and vision statements that become your guiding directives and help you steer the ship on course. We will discuss the 7 pitfalls of most entrepreneurs and how to use your mission and vision to avoid them.

Your Practice Model

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Believe it or not, there are dozens of ways for you to set up your business.  So what is the best way?  Well, it depends.  We will discuss 3 practice models that you could implement and guide you through the decision process to find the best one for you.


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How are you different from your competitors?  The answer to this question is not as easy as it appears on its face.  To compete in a world where there are others doing what you do, and especially if they’ve been doing it longer than you requires that you approach things from a different point of view.  We will share the 7 questions to answer that will have you zeroing in on your special space.

Online Presence

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It wasn’t that long ago that the online presence of a business was a novelty and didn’t command much importance.  In today’s world, not having an online presence is fatal; if you’re not online, you don’t exist.  We will explain the 13 tenets of an online presence that you must have to play in this world, and how to advertise your business in this brave new world of technology.  And you won’t even need to be a super-geek to do it.

A Comfortable Lashing Room

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Of course you want to have a comfortable lashing room for your clients.  And since you’ll be spending a lot of time there yourself, you need to take your needs into consideration as well.  We will explain the 5 things that you must have to create a warm, welcoming environment that both you and your clients will love being in.

WOW Your Clients

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There is comfort, and there is WOW.  Bringing in repeat business means having a space that is more than comfortable, it has to be inviting; a destination that your clients can’t wait to come to.  Not all of that is amenities either.  We’ll show you the 3 things to do to draw your clients back into your space time and time again.

Exceptional Customer Service

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When polled about customer service from public-facing companies, most people report on all the bad things that they encounter.  Problems will occur, issues will arise, and failings will be present in any human interaction.  We talk about the 6 things that you can do as a business owner to make every experience delightful, even when that experience is a real failing on your part.

Business Growth

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It’s every business person’s dream to grow their business and ramp up their income.  Doing so carefully and smartly is essential to creating a sustainable business that pays you, the founder and owner, very well.  We will discuss the 15 pitfalls of small business and the things that you can do to avoid them or fix them if they occur.

Questions About Classes?

We would love to hear from you.  Please reach out and let us know what questions you have about our eyelash extension training classes.